Dr. Ahmad Sakr: Various Salah (Prayers) Obligatory (Fard) & Recommended (Sunnah)

01 Introduction

02 Ablution (Wudua)

03 Obligatory and Optional in Wudua

04 Things That Invalidate The Ablution (Wudua)

05 Performing Ablution Without Water (Attayamum) (Al-Mas-h)

06 Fulfiling the Requirement of Wudua or A Bath When Water is Not Availble

07 Fulfiling The Requirement of Washing The Feet Without Water

08 The Requirement of A Bath For A Women After Her Menses

09 The Call To Prayer (Azan) and the Iqamah

10 Women Performing Azan and Leading Prayers

11 What to Say During and After Azan

12 Places of Prayer

13 How to Pray Step by Step Instructions for 2 Rak'a (Units)

14 How to Pray Step by Step Instructions for 4 Rak'a (Units)

15 How to Pray Step by Step Instructions for 3 Rak'a (Units)

16 Review of How to Perform Salah

17 Prayer for New Muslims & Those Who Do Not Knew Arabic

18 Disliked (Makruh) During Salah

19 Things That Invalidate The Salah

20 Making Mistakes During Prayers

21 Reading Verses That Require Prostration (Sujud)

22 Combining Prayers

23 The Imam (One Who Leads The Congregational Prayers)

24 The Case of A Person Joining Congregational Prayers Late & Reforming The Line

25 The Imam Making The Prayers Short & if Praying By Himself As Long as He Wants

26 Joining Congregation After Prayer Has Started

27 Missed Prayers

28 The Mid-Day Congregational Prayers (Jum'ah Prayers)

29 The Khateeb (Person Giving The Khutbah or Sermon)

30 The Khutbah (Sermon)

31 Review of What The Imam Say At The End of Khutbah

32 The Friday Prayer Shown

33 Salat Adduha

34 Salat Al-Istikharah

35 Salat Al-Hajah

36 Salat Al-Kusuf wa Al-Khusuf

37 Salat Al-Kusuf wa Al-Khusuf Demonstrated

38 Salt At-Tasbeeh

39 Salat At-Tawbah

40 The Format of Salat At-Tawbah

41 Salat Al Eid

42 Salat Eid Al-Adha

43 Saltul Janazah

44 Salat Al-Janazah Demonstrated

45 Salt At-Tarweeh

46 Salat At-Tahajjud or Qiyam Allail & Witr

47 Salat Al-Mubahalah

48 Salat Al-Istisqa'

49 Salat Al-Khawf (Al-Harb)

50 Salat Al-Khawf (Fil-Harb) Demonstrated

51 Salat Sunnat Al-Wudua, Tahiyat Al-Masjid, & Sunnat At-Tawaf

52 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

53 Du'a or Supplications

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