The Story of Yusuf AA, By: Saleem El-Ya'coubi
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Download Name Play Duration
download 01 Yusuf AA Told His Father His Dream
download 02 Brothers of Yusuf AA and Their Plot
download 03 Yusuf AA was Left In the Well
download 04 From the Well to The House of Azeez
download 05 The Wife of Azeez Wanted Him to Commit Adultry With Her
download 06 The Wife of Azeez Used Some Force With Him And The Azeez Came
download 07 Yusuf AA In Jail
download 08 The King's Dream (Waqala Al-Malik Inny Ara Seven Sunbulat Khudr wa Okharu Yabisat)
download 09 Yusuf AA Interpretrd the King's Dream and Assigned him a Minister
download 10 Yusuf Became the Azeez of Misr and His Brothers Came to Trade
download 11 Ya Bunayya La Tad-Khulo Min Babin Wahid
download 12 Brothers of Yusuf Requested from Him to Take One of them instead of His Brother
download 13 Sadness of Ya'coub
download 14 Yusuf AA Remind Them of What They Did To Him
download 15 Yusuf AA Welcome His Entire Family to Live with Him in Egypt

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