In The Shade of The Seerah: By Dr. Imad Bayoun
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Download Name Play Duration
download 01 Introduction Arabia Before the Prophet pbuh
download 02 The Early Years of the Prophet pbuh
download 03 The Early Years of Revelation
download 04 The Intense Persecution
download 05 The Year of Sadness
download 06 The Pre-migration Period
download 07 The Great Migration
download 08 The Great Battle of Badr
download 09 Events Leading to Uhud
download 10 The Battle of Uhud
download 11 The Tragedy of Ma3unah Well to the Battle of Khandaq
download 12 False Accusation Against Aishah RA
download 13 The Treaty of Hudaibiyah
download 14 The Conquest of Khaibar
download 15 Day of Mu'tah
download 16 The Openning of Makkah
download 17 The Battle of Hunain
download 18 The Story of Tabook
download 19 The Last Year
download 20 The Death of the Prophet
download 21 The Conclusion

Professor Dr. Jamal Badawi
Dr. Hassan Hathout
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Dr. Imad Bayoun
Tafseer of Selected Chapters, Ayaat of The Qur'an Read more ...
Sheikh Abdel-Ruhman Assudais
With Sheikh Al-Shuraim: Al-Mus-Haf Al-Murattal Read more ...
Aheikh Abdel-Basit Abdel-Samad
Special Recitation Events (Haflah) 1 Read more ...
Aheikh Abdel-Basit Abdel-Samad
Special Recitation Events (Haflah) 2 Read more ...
Aheikh Abdel-Basit Abdel-Samad
Al-Mus-Haf Al-Mujawwad Read more ...
Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawy
Special Recitation Events (Haflah) Read more ...
Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawy
Al-Mus-Haf Al-Murattal Read more ...
Sheikh Mohamed Jebril
Al-Mus-Haf Al-Murattal 1 page per session Read more ...
Al-Qur'an Al-Mu'allim - Juza 'Amma
Qur'an: Mu'allim - Juza 'Amma with Children Repetition Read more ...
Sheikh Abdullah Basfar
Qur'an: Mu'allim - Juza 'Amma Read more ...
Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Husary
Al-Mus-Haf Al-Murattal With English Translation Read more ...
Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqily
Al-Mus-Haf Al-Murattal Read more ...

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