Special Recitation Haflah1: Sh. Abdel-Basit Abdel-Samad
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Download Name Play Duration
download 01 An-Nabaa At-Takwir Ad-Duha Al-Sharh At-Tin Al-Ikhlas Al-Falaq An-Nas Al-Fatiha Al-Baqarah
download 02 At-Tauba At-Tariq Al-Balad Al-Qadr
download 03 Al-Hajj Al-Balad
download 04 Al-Qasas Al-Haqqah Al-Qadr
download 05 Al-Qamar Ar-Rahman Al-Balad Al-Shams
download 06 Al-Maeda An-Nabaa Al-Shams
download 07 Al-Muddathir Al-Qiyamah
download 08 Al-Kahf An-Nabaa At-Takwir Ad-Duha Al-Fatihah
download 09 Hud Al-Balad Al-Fajr Ad-Duha At-Tin
download 10 Yusuf Du3aa
download 11 Ibrahim Al-Muddathir
download 12 Al-Israa
download 13 Al-A3raf An-Nabaa At-Tariq
download 14 Al-Hashr Al-Haqqah Ad-Duha Al-Sharh
download 15 Az-Zummar Al-Qiyamah Al-Qadr
download 16 Al-Furqan Al-Haqqah Al-Shams Ad-Duha Al-Sharh
download 17 Al-Maedah At-Tariq
download 18 An-Najm Al-Qamar
download 19 An-Nur At-Tariq
download 20 Al-Waqi3ah
download 21 Al-Kahf Al-Balad
download 22 Ghafir An-Nabaa Al-Fajr
download 23 Maryam At-Takwir
download 24 Yusuf
download 25 Ibrahim Al-Qadr

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